Our Consultancy Services

At Syncom Food Consultancy we take pride in our hands on approach in helping organizations create and maintain strong standard operating procedures in their value chain to mitigate risks that could impact their goals in customer satisfaction

We are passionate to guide through your journey to implement a Quality and Food Safety Management System to address costs of poor quality and ensure supply of safe food products.



 Quality Assurance is part of Quality Management focused on providing confidence that Food Safety and full compliance Quality  requirements will be achieved. Quality Assurance covers  the planned systematic  activities and management processes across the value chain  implemented in a Quality  Management  system to prevent mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products to customers/ consumers.


Product&Packaging  Development and Improvement

Innovation and Renovation strategy to use consumer requirements and expectations, market trends and science and technology opportunities  in order to define a long term product , brand strategy  and to generate or renovate product or process conceps.

We guide  on sequence of activities required to develop new food  products  or make changes to existing products with regard to formulation and Nutritional profile, functional aspect of the packaging and any change that could affect safety and quality.

Local Supplier


The objective of procurement process is to create contracts so that materials are purchased according to specifications and sourced from approved well performing  suppliers with regard to Food safety and Quality related  aspects.

A supplier management strategy is established so as to achieve an appropriate level of performance while maintaining adequate control of risk.

other areas of expertise

Quality management systems

  • FSSC 2200
  • ISO 2200
  • GLP


  • Quality Assurance System
  • Product Development and Improvement
  • Packaging Development
  • Local Supplier Development

Competitive advantage with international products 

We deliver of Nutritional requirements for the targeted consumers

We guarantee safety and high quality